Why Order Blood Tests Online?

Know Before You Go (have testing before):

  • Employment evaluations
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Health & wellness evaluations

Take Control of Your Lab Costs & Health Records:

  • MyLabsForLife.com is often cheaper than going through insurance or  your health care provider
  • Pay out of pocket - then decide if you want to submit lab costs for potential coverage
  • Keep test results private that may impact consequences with future coverage

Time Saving & Convenient:

  • Purchase & print lab requisition (order) from home
  • Go to your nearest lab service center with your printed lab requisition (order)
  • Walk in to your next health & wellness visit with current lab results in hand 

Educational Information for Personal Empowerment:

  • Understandable and informative functional lab descriptions
  • Learn to identify “red flags” that may compromise health & wellness
  • Direct feedback to help guide you on your path toward health and wellness

"If You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t; Either Way You Are Right"  Henry Ford

"We Know You Can"  My Labs For Life LLC

To locate a provider who can offer you a Functional Medicine perspective, we encourage you to go to: www.functionalmedicine.org.

As always, feel free to contact us here at My Labs For Life with any questions or concerns!