My Labs For Life has been observing a major paradigm shift in health and medicine. Conventional medicine uses labs to diagnose existing disease. Functional medicine uses labs to detect dysfunction before disease can manifest itself.

This difference can be seen in My Labs For Life basic lab panel. Our basic panel not only looks at blood count and basic chemistry, we also include an inflammatory marker along with a Vitamin D level, which needs to be optimized in order to support the immune system and brain health.

My Labs For Life Lab Panels Are:

  • Strategically grouped to better provide you with information needed to optimize your health.
  • Cost-effective in delivering useful information.
  • Offer levels of assessment, so you can choose the amount of information useful for your needs
  • Focused categories of testing such as heavy metals and infectious diseases that can seriously threaten brain health.
  • Lab panels as well as single labs may be purchased to meet your individual needs

Read more about what each lab means in our "Resource" section. To locate a provider who can offer you a Functional Medicine perspective, we encourage you to go to:

As always, feel free to contact us here at My Labs For Life with any questions or concerns!