Urine Toxic & Essential Elements Test Kit (Doctors Data)

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  • Urine Toxic & Essential Elements Test Kit (Doctors Data)

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    • Please read all directions and familiarize yourself with the test procedures.
    • The test results will be useful only if the samples are properly collected.
    • This is a test kit that will be mailed to you.
    • Please read instructions carefully prior to testing.

    Urine Elements are traditionally used to evaluate exposure to potentially toxic elements and wasting of nutrient elements. Additionally, the comparison of urine element concentrations before and after administration of a chelator can be used to estimate net retention of potentially toxic elements. Subsequent urine element analyses, also following the administration of a chelator, are useful for monitoring the efficacy of metal detoxification therapy. Results are expressed per 24 hours or creatinine corrected to account for urine dilution effects.

    This test maybe useful for:
    • Toxic Element Exposure
    • Alopecia
    • Bone Density
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Depression
    • Dermatitis or Poor Wound Healing
    • Detoxification Therapy
    • Fatigue
    • Gastrointestinal Symptoms
    • Hypertension
    • Immune Function
    • Impaired Glucose Tolerance
    • Inflammation
    • Kidney Function
    • Nutritional Deficiencies
    • Parkinson's-like Symptoms
    Collection Instructions:
    • Please read all of the directions, and familiarize yourself with the collection procedures.
    • The Urine Elements analysis takes 24 hours or less to collect.
    • Fish and shellfish contain relatively high levels of mercury and arsenic. It is recommended that you omit fish and shellfish from your diet for one week prior to collecting the urine specimen.
    • You should consult with your primary provider prior to taking this test if you are to discuss your use of non-essential medications or dietary supplements and gadolinium-based contrast media (used in MRI) for 48 hours prior to and during the specimen collection, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
    • Never discontinue prescription medications without first consulting your physician.
    • Female patients should not collect urine during a menstrual period.
    • Please read the full set of instructions prior to sample collection.

    Should be processed within 7-10 business days.

    Sample Report