Which Test Would You Recommend?

Hands down, it would be the Expanded Wellness Panel. Not only is it extremely affordable, it offers a very functional comprehensive view of overall health and wellness. This panel offers 13 tests for $350.00. This test reviews overall organ function, reviews cholesterol levels, reviews metabolic function, thyroid function (not just a TSH), a urinalysis to review kidney function, as well as two inflammatory markers. This panel also includes two vital nutrients for optimal health and wellness, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. This panel was built over years of clinical experience. 

List of Tests:

  1. CBC
  2. CMP -14
  3. Lipids
  4. Hemoglobin A1-c
  5. Urinalysis
  6. CRP-c
  7. Homocysteine
  8. TSH
  9. T4
  10. FT4
  11. FT3
  12. Vitamin B12
  13. Vitamin D 25-(OH)

Remember: Not all CBC's and CMP's are the same. Our CBC includes a differential with platelets and our CMP reviews 14 tests.

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